Owner of the largest adult content network in the USA is caught "armed" when leaving home.

The police pursued him throughout the trip, until they realized that his route was to NY airport.
Upon discovering this, all flights and trips were canceled so that the police could carry out the operation and prevent the fugitive from boarding his flight.

When they boarded the plane and searched the suspect, police discovered he was not armed but had a strong erection, causing a large bulge in his pants.

The previously suspected man said this is the trick he and adult content actors use to get long-lasting erections, but he performed the method incorrectly, resulting in an erection that lasted 3 days.

He also said that this trick was developed by Stanford PhD specialist John Hartley, who was a former employee of the blue pill industry and who hired him to
he developed natural and practical methods that would make his actors keep their toys rock hard for hours!!!
Method which resulted in him being awarded the last Nobel Prize.

The police tried to find a way to arrest him, so as not to make this trip for nothing, after all, the suspect had not committed any crime until both sides reached an agreement.

To be able to leave with a clean record, he called his expert John Hartley and asked him to record a 100% free step-by-step guide on how the cops could get their hardest toys.
However, one of the police officers leaked this step-by-step guide to all his friends, causing thousands of men to start walking “armed” through the streets.

Last week, the NYPD received more than 2,000 calls because they were embarrassed about having to look at those huge toys in the middle of the street.

This method reached the ears of the blue pill industry and they decided to attack immediately.
Right now this page is being attacked and will go down at any moment.
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