“without giving up eating sweets, savory snacks and drinks”‚Äč

Written By: Annah L. 45 from Akron, Ohio

For years, a part of me resented the condition of my teeth and breath, which ruined my self-esteem.
For almost three decades, I spent endless hours in a dental office. Many people thought I was the dentist, when in fact I was just a client.
I underwent several expensive and painful treatments, I had to give up my sweets and cold drinks, I’ve done everything you can imagine… but I failed to get rid of my problem with bad breath and yellow teeth like a sunflower.

I could no longer open my mouth to speak at work, people always looked at me with disgusted looks when they spoke to me, I even became the subject of jokes at work and by my friends!

At family gatherings, my cousins would always ask
“Why don’t you smile more for photos?”
“Hey, you always liked chocolate, why did you decide to stop liking it?”
And I was trying to be a firm person, without wanting to share the real cause of my oral problems.

My husband also started treating me differently, I even saw him exchanging messages with someone else….

Until one day the heavens decided to smile at me!
My friend Mariah, who studied with me at university, shared the “TOOTHBRUSH TRICK” with me.
I was eager to test it as quickly as possible.
And the miracle happened! I managed to put an end to my bad breath and my teeth looked like those of Hollywood stars!!
My problems had nothing to do with genetics or diet.

Now I can finally eat my sweets again without worry!
I can interact and be more participative in my work, I even managed to be promoted to Manager (our image counts a lot for us to be promoted)!!!
This 100% homemade trick saved my life!! I shared it as quickly as possible with my friends

Oh, and my husband now can’t take his eyes (or hands) off me! I could say more about the new us… but I won’t. ūü§ó

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Emily Yager say:

I’m glad you weren’t selfish and shared this trick!
I will never have to pay to go to the dentist again!
Now I use this money to buy my sweets!

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Sophia say:

I thought this was something genetic.

My parents have bad teeth, so I thought that was the problem.

I’m glad I was wrong hahaha!!

My smile has been praised a lot on dating apps!

To respond· Like· Follow · 4 min

Madison say:

I conquered my crush just because of my smile!

To respond· Like· Follow · 5 min

Olivia say:

I always thought there was a way to have good breath and good teeth.

I see some people who don’t even brush their teeth and have good breath and live eating pizza and ice cream

Finally the truth came out!!

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Emma say:

I was thinking about pulling out all my teeth and wearing dentures!

I’m glad I started using this method!!

To respond· Like· Follow · 16 min

Harper say:

Mee too hhaha

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